Adbrain Increases Geotargetable Traffic to 50-70 Percent with IP Intelligence

Harnessing big data and reaching consumers across multiple screens are two big challenges marketers around the world are faced with every day. However, Adbrain is driving innovation when it comes to data-driven, multi-screen advertising solutions.

Adbrain’s Demand Side Platform empowers advertisers to connect with audiences in real time across all screens. By leveraging the OpenRTB protocol, and enriching every single bid request in real time, Adbrain is able to provide granular mobile targeting capabilities to its clients. In order to increase the amount of RTB traffic available for geotargeted campaigns, Adbrain has deployed Digital Element’s advanced IP Intelligence solution. The addition of Digital Element’s NetAcuity Edge™ IP geolocation technology increases the available geotargetable traffic to 50-70 percent, as compared to 5 percent when relying on pure GPS coordinates.

François Deschênes, director of product development at Adbrain, described the benefits of the technology, “We use it to locate bid requests right down to a postcode level, vastly extending the reach of our geotargeting capabilities. In addition, the global reach of NetAcuity Edge allows us to extend our geo-enabled inventory in all countries where expansion is planned.’’

Read the full press release to learn how Adbrain, with accurate geolocation, is enabling its clients to reach their audiences where and when they are most likely to be responsive.

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