A Brazilian Video Balancing Act


Managing and protecting video content while delivering an exceptional consumer viewing experience creates ongoing challenges for media and entertainment companies around the world. Globo needed the ability to localize video content at a very granular level to serve one of its newest video products Globo Play, so it decided to utilize a new mobile-centric IP targeting solution. This digital rights management tool accurately and reliably ensures Globo is delivering the best video products to its viewers in Brazil while adhering to its partners’ distribution agreements

“Consumers expect content that is relevant locally, and content producers expect their rights to be protected,” said Igor Macaubas, globo.com’s OVP product manager. “As a company, we can’t accomplish either unless we have extremely accurate geolocation data.”

Read the full press release to find out why Globo chose NetAcuity PulseTM to help localize video content and manage geographic rights across Brazil.

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