LiveTechnology and Digital Element Bring Real-Time Campaign Analysis to Life With IP Intelligence

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LiveTechnology Inc., a leading provider of marketing management technologies, provides its distinguished list of clients—including Microsoft, NEXTEL and General Motors to name a few—with the ability to plan, execute,

and manage communications across various promotional communications across various promotional outlets. A key facet that fuels the success of LiveTechnology's clients is the ability to measure campaign performance across diverse media channels including email, banner ads, keywords, print campaigns, direct mail campaigns and out of home campaigns. The company's LiveAnalysis offers its A-list of clients just that: a centralized and customizable reporting solution to aid in the measurement of campaign success for more informed strategic marketing decisions.

As more of LiveTechnology's clients began to utilize LiveAnalysis, the company recognized that there would be immense value in adding real-time geographical data to enhance the effectiveness and expand the measurement capabilities of its campaign analysis solution. Eager to make a mark in the marketing technology industry, LiveTechnology began searching for an IP Intelligence solution that was highly accurate, easy to integrate, and had a wide range of geographical attributes including MSA, state/region, and country of origin. And because real-time analysis is critical for LiveTechnology's clients, the company wanted to partner with a provider that had proven leadership within the marketing technology space.


After evaluating a variety of vendors, LiveTechnology chose to partner with industry-leader Digital Element, a business unit of Digital Envoy. Besides being highly respected within the industry, LiveTechnology felt that Digital Element's IP Intelligence technology, NetAcuity®, provided the real-time capabilities its clients demanded; they found the technology simple and quick to integrate; they were impressed with the reliability, accuracy, and efficiency of the solution; and they knew Digital Element had a reputation for helpful and fast technical support.

"Digital Element's solution has fully met the needs of LiveTechnology: not only has NetAcuity added new value to our solutions, but our clients are gaining new insight into their campaigns which translates into improved performance," said Nick Leck, Director of Strategic Alliance for LiveTechnology. "The ability to understand geographical effectiveness has given LiveTechnology and its clients the confidence to act quickly and pro-actively to a rapidly evolving national and global market."

Digital Element's NetAcuity has been integrated into LiveAnalysis to create detailed reports on campaign and Web site performance, which gives LiveTechnology's clients the ability to tactically refine and monitor their local and international marketing operations with increased clarity and control.


The addition of Digital Element's IP Intelligence data to the LiveAnalysis solution has helped LiveTechnology's clients to better understand and evaluate their online marketing endeavors. This has resulted in greater customer reach and increased ROI for some of the company's larger clients, who were better able to monitor overseas media plans and spending and in turn increased the productivity of its campaign. Other LiveTechnology clients have seen positive results as well: one of the company's Fortune 500 clients used the new data as a tool to better understand its audience, and discovered how their marketing effected user trends in the USA and globally. Using this information, the company and its interactive agency were able to refine their highly visible campaign and guarantee that the second version of the campaign was a strategic success.

"Digital Element has proven to be the perfect partner for LiveTechnology," said Leck. "They are reliable, flexible and allow us to be confident that we are providing our clients with the best geotargeting technology on the market. That's exactly what you want in a strategic partner."

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