Ad:tech Tokyo: Staying Relevant in a Digital World Was Top of Mind

October 12, 2016 Digital Element’s number one job as the leader in the IP intelligence and geolocation industry is to respond to the current needs of marketers and stay attuned to future trends in the digital arena. That’s why we make it a practice to attend as many global advertising and marketing events such as […]

New Infographic Dispels Mobile Targeting Misperceptions

Location-based targeting is the most important factor when it comes to successful mobile marketing and advertising campaigns. While location-based technology is built into today’s mobile devices, users can choose to turn their GPS off or opt not to give apps permission to use their locations. That’s the bad news. The good news is: Marketers can […]

How to Use Mobile Geolocation Technology to Drive More Advertising Revenues

By 2017, mobile ad spending is projected to account for 66.6 percent of digital ad spending. Stats such as this show the continued growth of the mobile advertising market and how, within the next several years, it will dominate the digital ad spending arena. However, effectively monetizing mobile traffic has been a challenge for advertisers […]

How Going Global and Going Granular Go Hand in Hand for Ad Targeting Across Devices

Digital consumers own and use 3.64 connected devices today―from laptops to smartphones to tablets and wearables. Research indicates that quickly emerging innovations such as the Internet of Things (IoT), smart homes and telehealth will connect an additional 17.6 billion devices to the internet by 2020. This multi-screening phenomenon is also driving a greater need for […]

CNP Expo 2016: A Freeze Fraud Flashback

Last week, we paid a visit to the “Happiest City on Earth” as exhibitors at the annual CNP Expo in Orlando. We enjoyed networking and having conversations with attendees from such a wide array of industries, from payment firms to retailers to other fraud-prevention vendors about how to use geolocation for fraud detection and security. […]

Brazilian Digital Advertisers Gain Access to More Precise Targeting Ahead of Olympics

According to eMarketer, digital ad spending in Latin America is set to reach new heights with mobile grabbing a larger percentage of those overall dollars. Additionally, other research is indicating that up to half of the Latin American digital ad spend is originating in Brazil so there is a lot of opportunity for marketing technology […]

How New IP-Based ZIP+4 Geolocation Technology Gives Marketers a More Precise Target

Digital marketers are always looking for a competitive edge when it comes to segmenting and reaching their online audiences with relevant advertising, messages and special promotions. That “edge” typically comes from learning to leverage data to their advantage―and the deeper and more accurate that data the better. Digital Element is addressing marketers’ needs for more […]

Direct Navigation Advertising Gets Boost from Accurate Geotargeting

With an estimated market size of $1 billion per year, direct navigation traffic has a 4.23 percent conversion-to-sale rate which significantly outperforms other traffic sources such as search engines (2.30 percent) and Internet links (0.96 percent). Direct navigation is the preferred way for users to locate a site for the first time which makes this traffic […]

NUI Media Adds Hyperlocal Geolocation Tech to Enhance Ad-Serving Capabilities

Small- and mid-market publishers as well as ad networks require ad-serving technology that can grow as their impressions do. NUI Media, a publisher and ad network digital advertising platform, has solutions that address these very needs in the marketplace. The company’s NUI Media Ad Server is one of its core offerings. It enables publishers and networks to […]

Digital Marketing in Chile Gets Boost from Hyperlocal Geolocation Solutions

Internet penetration in Chile is among the highest of any Latin American country, but digital advertising expenditure there lags behind the regional average, according to eMarketer. Industry experts attribute this to the slow-down in the economy as well as the need for more accurate digital advertising solutions that can reliably reach consumers. “The economic downturn […]

“The decisive factor in our decision to choose Digital Element was the guarantee of highly accurate geo-data. This element is critical for our business as we use the data to increase the relevance of advertising, which has proven to be successful and has driven a significant increase in click-through rates of campaigns – in some cases more than ten times.”

Guido Brand, Founder & Managing Director, Mashero